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Hill Road Hoops in Flint, MI hosts basketball tournaments throughout the year. Tournament entry ranges between $195-$325 and winners in each division receive medals. This page will be updated with dates and details on future events and competitions. Check back soon.

Practice Makes Perfect

Even if your team isn’t quite ready to compete, call us today and get on the practice court.   

Saturday Jan 17th


12:00 court 1 Flight Red(Joe) -vs- Hoopers
12:00 court 2 Fastbreak -vs- Saginaw Underdogs
12:00 court 3 Durand -vs- Flight(Troy)
  1:00 court 1 Flight White(Joe) -vs- Hoopers
  1:00 court 2 Fastbreak -vs- 2nd Chance
  1:00 court 3 Flight(Troy) -vs- Walled Lake
  2:00 court 1 Flight(Joe) -vs- Durand
  2:00 court 2 Saginaw Underdogs -vs- 2nd Chance
  3:00 court 1 Flight(Joe) -vs- Fastbreak
  3:00 court 2 Saginaw Underdogs -vs- Walled Lake

Sunday  Jan 18th


10:00 court 1 Mystics(Rob)-vs- Wildcats
10:00 court 2 Future -vs- Storm
10:00 court 3 Dribble Stick -vs- Bendle
11:00 court 1 Mystics(Rob) -vs- Storm
11:00 court 2 Wildcats -vs- Future
11:00 court 3 Mystics Black -vs- Dribble Stick
12:00 court 1 Bendle -vs- Mystics Black
12:30 court 2 Wildcats -vs- Storm

Here some Dates for Tournaments and League play,all these will be played at Hill Rd Hoops.

1. Girls Winter Classic December 13th and 14th $325.00 4 Games

2.GBA January 3rd and 4th $250 5 games One Day  $195.00 for 3 games.

3. GBA January 24th and 25th $295.00 5 games One Day $195.00 3 Games

4. GBA February 7th and 8th $250.00 5 Games

5. 23 Elite March 7th $175.00 3 games

6. GBA State Tournament In Grand Rapids March 21st and 22nd $250.00 4 Games

7. Mystic Classic April 18th and 19th $350.00 4 Games

8. League Play will be $115.00 for Two Games or $150.00 for Three Games double Headers on     
    January 18th
    February 1st
    February 8th
    February 22nd

Boys Tournaments All Games Played at Hill Rd Hoops.

1. Boys Winter Classic December 14th and 15th $325.00 4 Games

2.  23 Elite March 21st and 22nd $325.00 4 Games

3. League Play
    $115.00 for Two Games or $150.00 for Three Games Drop ins are Welcome
    January 17th
    January 31st
    February 7th
    February 21st




If you are interested in any of the above events please call 810-766-4667 or email John @ 





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